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The Bridge

Jun 17, 2020

For many marketers, sales enablement is a newer marketing discipline. Irina Soriano describes it as the strategic use of people, processes, and technology operating together to improve sales productivity and increase revenue. 


As the Head of Enablement for Seismic, she would know a thing or two about sales enablement.  Seismic is the global leader in sales enablement providing storytelling platforms to increase productivity and effectiveness across sales and marketing. 


Learn from Irina as she breaks down the basics to this now fundamental discipline while giving listeners a plan to start. You’ll also hear how impactful it is to give back to the sales enablement community by networking and sharing ideas with other like-minded marketers and sales teams. .

Key Takeaways

  1. Build a business case for sales enablement to secure a budget from stakeholders. 
  2. Lean into those with sales enablement experience to foster your own growth. 
  3. Start by focusing on one area of enablement at a time such as onboarding new hires.

Resources and Links Discussed: