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The Bridge

Jun 3, 2020

Imagine building a marketing team from the ground up and seeing that brand go public through the New York Stock Exchange. For Elissa Fink, this was her reality. As the former CMO of Tableau, business intelligence software that helps people better understand their data, she led strategic planning and execution for its marketing worldwide. 

In leading marketing efforts, having the ability to facilitate conversations to drive sales digitally is a necessity regardless of where the conversion takes place. During Elissa’s time at Tableau, and now as an advisor, a few lessons have stood the test of time. 

You’ll hear the key lessons learned in the conversation with Andy and Muhammad. Elissa also shares how she embraced the many challenges presented from data to mindset. 

Key Takeaways

  1. Start understanding data by tracking one key metric then build over time.
  2. Focus on why you started and why the company exists to power through challenging times. 
  3. Ask good questions to uncover priorities and stay ahead of the subject matter. 

Resources and Links Discussed: