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The Bridge

Jul 29, 2020

This season Muhammad Yasin joined us as we narrowed our focus to best practices for enabling sales teams to help drive leads from online to in-store… then COVID-19 hit and we went deeper on enabling our sales teams to survive in a world of virtual appointments. We talked with industry experts as well as sales leaders to share tangible insights and real stories.  

In this recap, Muhammad goes inside each of the episodes from the season, pulling out the key highlights. We share what matters most for the businesses where the consumer purchase takes place at a physical location, yet those same consumers are researching online before they make their final decision. 

Inside the Episode: 

The clips shared in this episode come from Season 2 of The Bridge. You can find the full episode for each guest in the links below:  

Episode 1: Virtual Apartment Tours is the New Way to Lease with Realync

Episode 2:  The Art of Digital Sales with David Kain

Episode 3: Transforming Your Team with Digital Sales Training with Bryan Scott 

Episode 4: Equipping Your Team to Provide the Best Customer Service with NE Management

BONUS: The New Reality of Virtual Apartment Tours | Panel Discussion

Episode 5: Using Lease Automation to Manage Leads with

Episode 6: Embracing Data One Step at a Time with Elissa Fink

Episode 7: Learning Sales Enablement with Irina Soriano

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